We're inviting you to be an active participant in a community working to shape a new movement to shift consciousness and accelerate impact for funders of mindfulness and spirituality. We welcome funders and investors supporting mindfulness, consciousness, mind science, wellness, spirituality, and/or faith from around the world to join their peers in sharing projects and learnings, exploring potential collaborations, and participating in contemplative and reflective practices.

We at Synergos, in partnership with the Fetzer Institute and the Lunt Foundation, are committed to map out and connect the many people, groups, and organizations independently focused on this space. We have designed a program that will allow participants to share approaches and learnings, create opportunities for collaboration and enable a multiplier effect of efforts.

 We offer the following activities:

  • An online platform for members of this group to serve as a directory of people and organizations funding mindfulness, consciousness and spirituality, where you can see who is working in this space, connect to them, discuss ideas and post/access resources.
  • Regular community building meetings and a Funders of Mindfulness and Spirituality Virtual Gathering, November 9-10 2021. 
  • Invitations to the Synergos Cultivate the Soul series. These “hands-on” virtual sessions, in partnership with Synergos’ Spiritual Civilization Community, offer a place to practice inner work and increase consciousness of the ideals that drive members of society to help each other and work towards the greater good.
  • Special community-led projects, with topics such as Science & Spirituality and Mindfulness in Marginalized Communities, will be featured and members will be able to share their stories through interviews, shared quotes, community meetings and social media.

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In order to be a member of this community, we are asking for an annual contribution of $1,700 USD to help cover the costs to support this work. If you are interested to participate and the fee is an issue, please contact Melissa Durda, Philanthropy Director, Synergos.

We look forward to taking this journey with you.